About us

RedTheater - Performing Arts Factory is a project created by a group of friends who loves music, theater and visual arts.

It’s a small private Art Nouveau theater where also great artists have performed, which aims to retrieve its glorious past welcoming who want to trample on its stage. A physical place that becomes also virtual, in order to expand exponentially its boards sharing them with a near and far community. A place of physical and virtual meeting devoted to artists and enthusiasts from every place with common love for music and the visual arts.

Theater performances

RedTheater - Performing Arts Factory organizes shows in its own little private theater to promote emerging artists. Then these contents are shared on the web to reach a wider audience. Redtheater - Performing Arts Factory is a physical and virtual meeting place for artists and fans of music and visual arts.

Project’s philosophy

The Factory's philosophy is based on the voluntary participation: those who collaborate in the project donate time, activities and free credits; they receive in exchange other free credits as meeting opportunity, artistic emotions, inspiration and much more.


RedTheater - Performing Arts Factory is a no profit venture based on voluntary contribution, that aims to create a place where meet people and valorise the emerging artists in which the Factory is recognized.